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Saturday, October 17, 2009

3.3 Maniaz

Mages everywhere. Grab pitchforks. For today is the day where frost no longer only bests the sullen traces of warlocks in the art of pvp. But Pve... Anyways ppl so the deal is the new water elemental pet glyph causes you the ultimate artist of pain and hurt to have your big blue giant out forever. In addition this glyph drops 80% on waterbolt. The catch is though it disable the frost nova. Now instead of saying aww realize this we in pvp are still the god of pain. Now we can fight back in PvE. What were we going to do with the nova in pve anyways. Now dududududu grand finale frozen core in the frost spec now causes any icelances that crit to cause the cast of frostbolt to be .4 seconds shorter. I'll meet you guys at ToC oh and ya change your pants.

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