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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Probably is the time

I know I haven't wrote in ever for the one person who reads this, me. But I must say I have gotten extremely lazy lately so indeed I have found one possible conclusion: If I am to continue my blog I must either find new writers or I have to focus on one subject. Thus I have settled on a regular blog but I still love the name so i'm keeping it, meaning more of me will be seen / I HOPE.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

3.3 Maniaz

Mages everywhere. Grab pitchforks. For today is the day where frost no longer only bests the sullen traces of warlocks in the art of pvp. But Pve... Anyways ppl so the deal is the new water elemental pet glyph causes you the ultimate artist of pain and hurt to have your big blue giant out forever. In addition this glyph drops 80% on waterbolt. The catch is though it disable the frost nova. Now instead of saying aww realize this we in pvp are still the god of pain. Now we can fight back in PvE. What were we going to do with the nova in pve anyways. Now dududududu grand finale frozen core in the frost spec now causes any icelances that crit to cause the cast of frostbolt to be .4 seconds shorter. I'll meet you guys at ToC oh and ya change your pants.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm back

Sorry about being gone, I'm back now been working hard when not playing wow.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bgs 77 - 80

Sorry fellas, have no new news on other bg sweet xp but i dinged 77 now and also a news flash blizzard is trying to figure out a way to nerf AV xp while buffing other bg xp... News updates later.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I just bought the live stream and I embrace the fact that this will be the first blizzcon I'll ever see. But does blizzard think the same thing? Now I'm worried that after huge World of Warcraft blizzcons it'll be overtaken by Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Of course I should stop complaining and be happy with what I have but I have to hope. That Blizzard isn't experiencing burnout with their star game, World of Warcraft.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flying vehicles?

As I gaze into the future of world of warcraft, I still wonder. What ever happened to flying vehicles? Now I'm not going to go into a huge nerd rage and scream at my readers. But what happened to them? It was going to take place in wintergrasp and be of epic level. But blizzard canceled this little project and I'm sitting in the dust. Why couldn't this take place? I wonder... But of that no more! More importantly how can Blizzard make up for this disappointment. I say, sea vehicles! What this would be would be one vehicle which would function just like a regular land vehicle, but this would need much more people to function. It would have utility roles which could provide buffs to the offensive lines and defensive lines. These people would control the direction of the ship and masts and such. While the offensive line would be controlling the guns and the charging of canons! While lastly the defensive line would be shielding all the graveyards so canons wouldn't blow it up and such. Also the defensive line would use guns to shot the canons midair and kill enemies which come on board. This could allow a whole battleground to be on a ship! The ships could take up to 40 people. The objective would be to take down all the utilities or sink the ship or lastly, destroy all the graveyards and kill the players. Also before people yell at me that'll ruin pvp I'll say this. The utility roles would have to also get some of the offensive line on the enemy ship. Whether this means a boardwalk, a harpoon or risker, canon cling. The offensive line on the enemy ship would try to kill canons and players in the process . This could revolution battleground forever. I'll call it, Cataclysm shipyard.

Friday, August 14, 2009


listen..... 85 is level cap... Azeorth = Revamped... Goblins and Worgens... Barrens ripped into two... Flying allowed in select areas in Azeorth all this is the Cataclysm Expansion. I am beyond excited. Blizzard is genius, to all. There will be no mael storm (or not????). Except Azeorth with find changes Cataclysm changes. Barrens ripped into two is already a clue. Amazing leveling will once again be an amazing process with the revamp. Thus killing two birds with one stone. Of course this is all just my guess :).


ONYXIA, a name which will be shouted on the trade chat for weeks. As very soon level 80 Onyxia will soar up in the skies and summon her champions once more. In the soon to be patch 3.2.2 Blizzard will once again bring this dragon back. 0 lore and 100% fun will also be coming soon. To top it all off in addition to this to celebrate the 5th anniversary of world of warcraft a non-combat pet will be coming to every player during november. WOW. I am very excited about this change. I won't be they guy running around to get the 310% mount dropped by Onyxia though (modeled after her self.) Another disappointment I have is the 0% lore. There hasn't been anything major lore-wise in wrath since the Wrathgate. Though I am very happy with this treat alone. Onyxia was a star which had fallen and now the might give it the spotlight that it truly deserves.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RP feature?

I thought of something blizzard could make a major feature. A true RP feature. By this I mean a feature which would allow someone to choose what they want their past characters history to be. By this I mean blizzard to make a huge array of choices to align your characters RP history. These choices would be among over 20 choices for 100 options, huge amounts of options. All these might lead up to flavor abilities such as a past pirate would be able to turn a wheel. You would be able to turn this feature off in on. Also the choices might also lead off to flavor gear and maybe even flavor adventures! "Find your lich past in the deepest bowels of Icecrown. The possibilities are endless! It would defy classic MMORPG RP where players just have to set it up on their own and provide an vast array of new RP wonderfulness. People with flavor adventures and flavor adventures would be able to find people to help them do these adventures and it might lead up to another flavor adventure! This could put the RPG IN MMORPG BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! This might vastly improve the game whenever it gets dull and be a simple way to improve a game.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Class of the day/week : Paladin

-- Recent Changes: Big, big changes. Charger can be learned at 40. Warhorse at 20. Seal of Blood and Martyr = GONE.

Vengeance and Corruption now can only apply the debuff by hammer of righteous and auto attacks. All damaging abilities add more damage according a percentage of your weapon damage and a bit of holy damage (according to the debuff.) Then maxes out at 33% weapon damage (extra) with 5 applications. The debuff leads the damage to raise overtime. The holy damage deals double-damage crit strikes.

Holy -- Bit nerfed but not by much to take any notice.

Protection -- Argent DEFENDER YEAH BABY!!! now it gives you one +1 life. If you get hit with all three talents in it and it would kill you, your back to 30% health, this effect can only happen every two minutes (10% at 1 talent 20% at 2 talents.)

Retribution -- Art of War changed so only counts for melee crit hits but you can now pick whether you want your next instant spell to be a flash of light or Exorcism. So now this is a pvp choice between a heal or damaging spell, very interesting. Crusaders strike's CD is lowered to 4 seconds and now deals 75% weapon damage. This is a bit of a buff if you use the spell every time possible, before it was 100% damage in 6 seconds which makes a 16.66 damage every one second while with the new one, you get 18.75 damage per a second. Seal of Command buffed to make up for Blood and Martyr's removal.

Paladins are still at 24% most played class at sk gaming in arena with all specs pretty well balanced out.

Paladins are a pretty even class and too boring for me to write about but, prot pallys are going pretty well in PvE with the new buffs. But Retribution's dps is a bit to low in PvE