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Friday, August 28, 2009

Bgs 77 - 80

Sorry fellas, have no new news on other bg sweet xp but i dinged 77 now and also a news flash blizzard is trying to figure out a way to nerf AV xp while buffing other bg xp... News updates later.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I just bought the live stream and I embrace the fact that this will be the first blizzcon I'll ever see. But does blizzard think the same thing? Now I'm worried that after huge World of Warcraft blizzcons it'll be overtaken by Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Of course I should stop complaining and be happy with what I have but I have to hope. That Blizzard isn't experiencing burnout with their star game, World of Warcraft.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flying vehicles?

As I gaze into the future of world of warcraft, I still wonder. What ever happened to flying vehicles? Now I'm not going to go into a huge nerd rage and scream at my readers. But what happened to them? It was going to take place in wintergrasp and be of epic level. But blizzard canceled this little project and I'm sitting in the dust. Why couldn't this take place? I wonder... But of that no more! More importantly how can Blizzard make up for this disappointment. I say, sea vehicles! What this would be would be one vehicle which would function just like a regular land vehicle, but this would need much more people to function. It would have utility roles which could provide buffs to the offensive lines and defensive lines. These people would control the direction of the ship and masts and such. While the offensive line would be controlling the guns and the charging of canons! While lastly the defensive line would be shielding all the graveyards so canons wouldn't blow it up and such. Also the defensive line would use guns to shot the canons midair and kill enemies which come on board. This could allow a whole battleground to be on a ship! The ships could take up to 40 people. The objective would be to take down all the utilities or sink the ship or lastly, destroy all the graveyards and kill the players. Also before people yell at me that'll ruin pvp I'll say this. The utility roles would have to also get some of the offensive line on the enemy ship. Whether this means a boardwalk, a harpoon or risker, canon cling. The offensive line on the enemy ship would try to kill canons and players in the process . This could revolution battleground forever. I'll call it, Cataclysm shipyard.

Friday, August 14, 2009


listen..... 85 is level cap... Azeorth = Revamped... Goblins and Worgens... Barrens ripped into two... Flying allowed in select areas in Azeorth all this is the Cataclysm Expansion. I am beyond excited. Blizzard is genius, to all. There will be no mael storm (or not????). Except Azeorth with find changes Cataclysm changes. Barrens ripped into two is already a clue. Amazing leveling will once again be an amazing process with the revamp. Thus killing two birds with one stone. Of course this is all just my guess :).


ONYXIA, a name which will be shouted on the trade chat for weeks. As very soon level 80 Onyxia will soar up in the skies and summon her champions once more. In the soon to be patch 3.2.2 Blizzard will once again bring this dragon back. 0 lore and 100% fun will also be coming soon. To top it all off in addition to this to celebrate the 5th anniversary of world of warcraft a non-combat pet will be coming to every player during november. WOW. I am very excited about this change. I won't be they guy running around to get the 310% mount dropped by Onyxia though (modeled after her self.) Another disappointment I have is the 0% lore. There hasn't been anything major lore-wise in wrath since the Wrathgate. Though I am very happy with this treat alone. Onyxia was a star which had fallen and now the might give it the spotlight that it truly deserves.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RP feature?

I thought of something blizzard could make a major feature. A true RP feature. By this I mean a feature which would allow someone to choose what they want their past characters history to be. By this I mean blizzard to make a huge array of choices to align your characters RP history. These choices would be among over 20 choices for 100 options, huge amounts of options. All these might lead up to flavor abilities such as a past pirate would be able to turn a wheel. You would be able to turn this feature off in on. Also the choices might also lead off to flavor gear and maybe even flavor adventures! "Find your lich past in the deepest bowels of Icecrown. The possibilities are endless! It would defy classic MMORPG RP where players just have to set it up on their own and provide an vast array of new RP wonderfulness. People with flavor adventures and flavor adventures would be able to find people to help them do these adventures and it might lead up to another flavor adventure! This could put the RPG IN MMORPG BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! This might vastly improve the game whenever it gets dull and be a simple way to improve a game.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Class of the day/week : Paladin

-- Recent Changes: Big, big changes. Charger can be learned at 40. Warhorse at 20. Seal of Blood and Martyr = GONE.

Vengeance and Corruption now can only apply the debuff by hammer of righteous and auto attacks. All damaging abilities add more damage according a percentage of your weapon damage and a bit of holy damage (according to the debuff.) Then maxes out at 33% weapon damage (extra) with 5 applications. The debuff leads the damage to raise overtime. The holy damage deals double-damage crit strikes.

Holy -- Bit nerfed but not by much to take any notice.

Protection -- Argent DEFENDER YEAH BABY!!! now it gives you one +1 life. If you get hit with all three talents in it and it would kill you, your back to 30% health, this effect can only happen every two minutes (10% at 1 talent 20% at 2 talents.)

Retribution -- Art of War changed so only counts for melee crit hits but you can now pick whether you want your next instant spell to be a flash of light or Exorcism. So now this is a pvp choice between a heal or damaging spell, very interesting. Crusaders strike's CD is lowered to 4 seconds and now deals 75% weapon damage. This is a bit of a buff if you use the spell every time possible, before it was 100% damage in 6 seconds which makes a 16.66 damage every one second while with the new one, you get 18.75 damage per a second. Seal of Command buffed to make up for Blood and Martyr's removal.

Paladins are still at 24% most played class at sk gaming in arena with all specs pretty well balanced out.

Paladins are a pretty even class and too boring for me to write about but, prot pallys are going pretty well in PvE with the new buffs. But Retribution's dps is a bit to low in PvE

Arena season 7

Coming as early as August 25th we will have the new season. I am reminded of blizzard's fault. i understand they need to wipe our arena points so we can't skip a gear jump. But this may be a hard punishment. We should be able to keep a bit of the points. What I do think is a good idea is they wiping of they MMR and Arena rating, this requires us to be on the top of our game and not to be lazy with a reset. Furious is easier to get and changes will be made. But to all of you reading buy your deadly now, or ever be silent!

Monday, August 10, 2009

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

This is the official next World of Warcraft expansion. Now I am a disappointed with no new classes but new races hit the bat to point of a home run. Worgens and Goblins, and at the same time, BAM! Horde Alliance switch, FEEL THE WRATH of me and my friends wrapping our little green hands to the enemies of the horde! Or clawing our way to victory with the might of the alliance on our side. I speculate, that with vehicle combat blizzard may be paving a way for sea combat and ship combat. In addition the goblins have a great new city. Undermine. Also in addition to all the great Mael Storm lore, we might see a huge swap in the world with the Greymane wall opening up and the goblins siding with the horde. Worgens walking the Azeorthian lands once more to scout out goblins in hope to thrash the horde. A battleground of epic preparations where land shifts and combat takes a huge strategy swap, deep in the heart of a typhoon. The Lich King set Blizzard to new heights and I am sure Blizzard can use its technologies to develop shinier and more interesting new ones.

Cataclysm races are LEAKED! SPOILER ALERT

Please don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. Many sources have confirmed the leak. The Goblin race will be able to be played by the horde. The Worgen race will be able to be played to by the alliance. So all you spectators and predictors applaud yourself as it seems you were right. So prepare for your eyes to be amazed as you wave your hands with claws and being green!

Class of the week: Priest

Here is a new weekly column. This column will cover one class and any subject on them, this week we have a priest.

-- Recent Changes: Last patch there was a bit of a nerf to disc and something that made glyph of penance mediatory. +2 seconds to the cooldown to penance. This change effects both PvE and PvP. It seems from the naked eye that this change may not effect much but in those two seconds tanks get hit 20k and in PvP anything goes in those two seconds. If this seems to big of a nerf I would rather perfer blizzard to buff Pain Suppress rather then this again, Pain seems like a very interesting spell but a hot or something could add another interest to it.

In addition shadow got a bit of a buff with Dispersion, the cooldown was lowered to two minutes from three. In addition Improve Mind Blast got a buff with a minor MS (20%)

Lastly, Holy got a bit of a nerf with prayer of healing getting less healing for spell power. (80.7% to 52.6%)

In addition Light Well users say goodbye, Blizzard isn't looking into fixing it

Priests also have a good grasp in the SK-100 most played class, at third place with 11%.

Mana Efficiency - In shadow they cover the basics of Mana Efficiency while disc is still the king spec in Mana Efficiency because their heals are low because of the fact of low coast "heals" (more shields) Lastly, Holy is in trouble as their aoe specialization healing doesn't help Mana Efficiency nor does their nudge to use greater heal.

PvP - Still no survivability when in a stunlock or any stun unless your disc, holy and both shadow have no place in PvP with very little survivability and to long to set up heals.

Blizzard did a good job in nerfing holy priests in PvE as they had to much open space but they need to figure out how to buff shadow and holy in PvP that won't effect PvE I would recommend a new survivability spell which shares a cooldown with Pain Suppress.

Next week, a paladin! (Unless in a writing mood, then tomorrow!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Caverns of time. Culling.

I want to write my on theory on why we help Arthas in Culling of Stratholme it is because if we didn't help Arthas the disease would've been more out in the air. Something else which is important is because if we didn't help Arthas the infinite agents would've killed him and thus Mal'ganis would still be around with the Lich King, except just Nerz'hul. Next it is because if we didn't help Arthas the implications on the world would be terrible. Plus we would be fighting a new enemy who might be even more powerful. My question is what does the infinite have anything to gain from screwing up history? Another thing that could've been possible was the infinite would take Arthas and change him to their own bidding. But something I wish was if blizzard made us lose a battle in Caverns of Time, I would love to see the impact.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bug alert!!! update

The hammer bug, wasn't a bug there is an achievement for it, The faceroller. Next time you get the hammer wait till hes about to die then use him. Hilarious achievement name.

Taeo UI view

Below I show two pictures of the Taeo UI. I tried it out today and here is my review.
First off the installation went off a bit messed up but it was from my own stupidity. Another problem is whenever I change my resolution my bars get all messed up and I have to reset it but there is no way to prevent that either. What I really like about the UI is its minimal impact on everything. Also sexymap's very nice look. One thing I'm against is pitbull because I prefer Blizzards own bars to that. But I like the use of bartender and Elk'sBuffBars to keep using this UI for a while. The last complaint is something I applauded before was bartender. I prefer Dominos because of its much more simple use. An very Interesting UI I hope to see it get better.
Addons Used:
!BugGrabber Bagnon Bartender BugSack ButtonFacade
Cartographer Chatter ClassTimer ElkBuffBars gdFont
Grid kgPanels OmniCC Postal Quartz SexyMap
SharedMedia SLDataText SLDT_Experince TaeoUI TipTac

Crazy world of warcraft players.

Today I modified my UI, to the beloved taeoui. I finally got it to work and I tinkered with it a bit. Then I got a whisper to join a group for H UK and I saw a wonderful opportunity to learn my UI. Then I landed a group with the mentally insane. These guys were strange as heck. The rouge was either being annoying or role playing a resto shammy. First off, I respect Role playing and enjoy it, but I stop when it gets too far into another class. Next the tank with 40k... well he was crazy. He charged everything and I am not not a hick! Now healers everywhere do you know hard it is to keep mana that way when your group pulls everything, each and everything in 5 seconds? I recommend to all healers find a group and run that and you'll develop mad man mana management. Okay I'll continue on. The elemental shammy probably tanked half of it! Now the most normal person was the warrior dps who would say pineapple every 5 minutes. Now I wonder, is there anyone really sane who plays world of warcraft? I just don't know anymore.

BG 76 - 80

I leveled 1 level pure bgs using my AV method. Soon I'll do other bgs and add in guides.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Loot watch 5man

Trial of the champion a loot horde!
Edge of Ruin Pallys, dks and warriors get ready to fight over this one!
With freakin' 203.7 dps from a heroic mode trial you'd better roll high for this one.

Spectral Kris Brilliant item with a blue slot, perfect for any lock and mage
"Hey you forgot about s priests and elemental shammies." No I didn't... Heroic mode trial btw.

True-aim Long Rifle Nice slow with 141.5 dps, I smell a lot of hunter ninja
and a bunch of rouge and warriors /leave... Heroic trial

Peacekeeper Blade Perfecto tanking item, expertise might be a waste if you are already
maxed out but swap a few pieces of gear and you'll be fine or switch a few gems. Heroic trial

And thats it... wait i didnt do normal, check in later...

Addon direct updates?

I'm updating all my third-party applications in my beloved mac today and it got me thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful if Blizzard let players update their addons right in the game. It would remove the need for most clients, (but I would still keep curse) and just be simpler to update addons. Though I don't think this is ever going to happen because of Blizzard sudden looking down on addons, share your thoughts.

belkin n52

I pulled out my old n52 and tinkered with it a bit. Then I got it set up using all my attacks and I rode into Wintergrasp I failed. I'm starting to wonder if I could ever arena like this or raid. My fingers are either to small to reached the far button or to big to curve it to the bottom and spam icytouch. But I will not give up! I will master the Belkin n52. I might try to get a real mouse so I can actually not give up again on my quest to master this device. Probably might waste money on $100 dollar gaming mouse or something.

AV - guide to making experience. (xp at 75!)

Right off the bat if you want to make tons of xp in AV, your defense days are threw and done. This guide will teach you how to make between 50k xp (loss) to 100k xp (win) in AV (at 75).

First as the gate opens run up to the captain and do your worse. Should be quick 18k next (deadly boss mods very helpful) either keep track or check which of the first two towers were capped. Run to that one. Now wait till it burns. Should be another 18k xp

Then go to the next of the second towers and cap it or wait till it burns (if you cap keep waiting.) Then another 18k xp, If your defense hasn't broken into the main other side you are probably done now but if they have.

Check if they are going to kill the general if they are go to it quickly and 18k xp for you. If there not with deadly boss mods or instincts go to the next building controlled by you and wait for it to burn, 18k xp.

Check if they are going to kill the general now if they are go it, if they still aren't go to the last tower and wait for it to burn.

Then get ready to attack the general no matter what.

If you did all towers and general you've gotten roughly 100k xp (at 75)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Isle of Conquest, NICENESS Part 2

Wonderful Bg. When Wrath was first released I was disappointed with vehicles. This changed my mind. The jumping over wall and taking bombs is a fascinating way to change up strategies and keep the battleground interesting. The battleground snaps itself too new levels. Enough strategy for a RTS game but enough classic World of Warcraft ground fighting any day.

BGs 75 - 80

I suppose WG doesnt give any real xp 100 in one battle

75 - 80 bg

100k xp in 15-20 mins av........ I smell nerfs...

Bgs 75 - 80

av = 36k xp 3 mins = CRAZY ( captin + tower destory)

Bgs 75 - 80

Its seems the Av gives most xp

Level 75-80 Bgs only

In celebration of xp in bgs im leveling my dk 75 - 80 bgs only I will keep putting notes up

Next patch guess

I have a feeling blizzard is throwing off us for blizzcon, (which I'm not going to :/ failopse!) with the the goblin and worgen masks, or at least half. It would make perfect sense if that was try because then the mael storm would be sitting in our laps. But (I'm not a lore nerd) all I really know about the worgens is that they are from another dimension which seems a bit like emerald dream but not much. So much prediction is that we will probably see goblins next patch but something else besides worgens.

Guide to Venhomhide raptor

As every horde player knows the venom hide raptor became available to the horde world in patch 3.2. Heres a sketchy guide to get it.

First pick up the change in ungoro, the quest giver is by the south east corner yet a little up, near the entrance. Pick up his quest.

From here you get a chain to collect 20 "poisons" you do this by hitting the venomhide raptors till they spit poison on you. The majority of the raptors are in the marshlands, for this 80s, take off all gear and put on a weapon with 1-3 damage such as a fishing rod. If you do this you'll hit the raptors to get 5-3 poisons on average. Once you complete the quest go back to the giver.

Turn it in and take the new quest you will need to collect 4 eggs do this by looking for nests all over marshland and take white egg in the middle of all the purple ones.
From there you'll need to turn in that one and collect the next final one. The first thing you get is a quest item that gives you a raptor hatchling noncombat pet (not permeant, quest item.)

Then if you read the quest you will see that you need 20 rugged cloth, 20 runecloth, 80 gold, and 20 venomhide baby tooth. The rugged cloth and runecloth you'll just need to buy or farm, and just have the 80 gold. But the venomhide baby tooth is what you need to focus on.

Take out your hatchling now he'll have a quest which is daily
1. Hungry, Hungry Hatchling

you need to feed the hatchling 15 pieces of fresh raptor meat. You need to kill pterrordaxes, stegodons and Diemetradons all have 100% drop rate of fresh raptor meat and they all are over Ungoro

2. Gorishi Grub

You need to feed your hatcling 10 grubs from Un'goro sillithids. Do this by heading to the south colony in Un'goro and gather grubs from the mobs then feed them to the raptor.

3. Poached, Scramled Or Raw?

You need to feed your hatchling 12 silithid eggs from Tanaris. Right north from entrance to Un'goro on western border you'll find a silithid area gather up eggs. then feed.

4. Searing Roc Feathers

You need to gather 5 feathers. Near entrance to Un'goro in Tanaris. You find rocs that drop 100% of the time

Everyday you can do 1 daily which rewards 1 Venomhide Baby tooth and after 20 days wipe off you hands for you have Whistle of the Venomhide Ravasaur

Isle of Conquest, NICENESS Part 1

I LIKE THIS BG this was the epicness I was waiting for since I first discovered the shaman class, (still don't know why I leveled anything else.) It is quite cool Bg. Named by Blizzard, "a mix of AV and Wintergrasp." It retained the originality to both. A huge plus right off the bat, is no one can being doing nothing. What I mean by this is there is no useless place to be besides the road but Blizzard removed any thought of staying on the road in patch 3.2. In this new BG is see all the niceness I'm looking for. The last thing blizzard could do to do anything more fun is add a in a shout out to my awesomeness. And this concludes this short post. NOT RLLY ill add a new on later.

How to fix Trial of champion

There are many gaps in this dungeons, and every time blizzard does something that upsets me a thousand penguins die, I like penguins... First I'll say my likes, the loot but even I feel it is a bit overpowered maybe not on heroic but on normal they should probably nerf the loot just a bit. Also the epic beginning. Next I'll say my dislikes, everything else. First off lore-wise why are we in the middle of nowhere killing random people? And no one even cares when we hurt the argent men. Also on the Black Knight boss, the horde and alliance leaders are doing nothing. Here is a huge fix to the last fight, as the Black Knight swoops in everyone leader jumps in attack mode, and then the black Knight raises undead from the ground and he sends it off to fight the leaders. Then the fight commences. Another fix for the fact no one cares we hurt men is two medics rush out to the central and heal up the men then bring them away, a minor fix. Something else is we killing random people, a fix for that could be we have broke into a defense into the Lich King and we are celebrating or something. Blizzard finally had me happy for a new 5-man but they could've made it much much more to it's potential. So the penguins will die. Until they do a better job.

Bug alert!!!

On the Hammer of Righteous boss in Trail of Champion if you somehow escape the stun you get the hammer spell for one time, kind of annoying I hope blizz fixs


So this is my first blog and hopefully not my last blog So hello to my new blog.