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Friday, August 14, 2009


ONYXIA, a name which will be shouted on the trade chat for weeks. As very soon level 80 Onyxia will soar up in the skies and summon her champions once more. In the soon to be patch 3.2.2 Blizzard will once again bring this dragon back. 0 lore and 100% fun will also be coming soon. To top it all off in addition to this to celebrate the 5th anniversary of world of warcraft a non-combat pet will be coming to every player during november. WOW. I am very excited about this change. I won't be they guy running around to get the 310% mount dropped by Onyxia though (modeled after her self.) Another disappointment I have is the 0% lore. There hasn't been anything major lore-wise in wrath since the Wrathgate. Though I am very happy with this treat alone. Onyxia was a star which had fallen and now the might give it the spotlight that it truly deserves.

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