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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guide to Venhomhide raptor

As every horde player knows the venom hide raptor became available to the horde world in patch 3.2. Heres a sketchy guide to get it.

First pick up the change in ungoro, the quest giver is by the south east corner yet a little up, near the entrance. Pick up his quest.

From here you get a chain to collect 20 "poisons" you do this by hitting the venomhide raptors till they spit poison on you. The majority of the raptors are in the marshlands, for this 80s, take off all gear and put on a weapon with 1-3 damage such as a fishing rod. If you do this you'll hit the raptors to get 5-3 poisons on average. Once you complete the quest go back to the giver.

Turn it in and take the new quest you will need to collect 4 eggs do this by looking for nests all over marshland and take white egg in the middle of all the purple ones.
From there you'll need to turn in that one and collect the next final one. The first thing you get is a quest item that gives you a raptor hatchling noncombat pet (not permeant, quest item.)

Then if you read the quest you will see that you need 20 rugged cloth, 20 runecloth, 80 gold, and 20 venomhide baby tooth. The rugged cloth and runecloth you'll just need to buy or farm, and just have the 80 gold. But the venomhide baby tooth is what you need to focus on.

Take out your hatchling now he'll have a quest which is daily
1. Hungry, Hungry Hatchling

you need to feed the hatchling 15 pieces of fresh raptor meat. You need to kill pterrordaxes, stegodons and Diemetradons all have 100% drop rate of fresh raptor meat and they all are over Ungoro

2. Gorishi Grub

You need to feed your hatcling 10 grubs from Un'goro sillithids. Do this by heading to the south colony in Un'goro and gather grubs from the mobs then feed them to the raptor.

3. Poached, Scramled Or Raw?

You need to feed your hatchling 12 silithid eggs from Tanaris. Right north from entrance to Un'goro on western border you'll find a silithid area gather up eggs. then feed.

4. Searing Roc Feathers

You need to gather 5 feathers. Near entrance to Un'goro in Tanaris. You find rocs that drop 100% of the time

Everyday you can do 1 daily which rewards 1 Venomhide Baby tooth and after 20 days wipe off you hands for you have Whistle of the Venomhide Ravasaur

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