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Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to fix Trial of champion

There are many gaps in this dungeons, and every time blizzard does something that upsets me a thousand penguins die, I like penguins... First I'll say my likes, the loot but even I feel it is a bit overpowered maybe not on heroic but on normal they should probably nerf the loot just a bit. Also the epic beginning. Next I'll say my dislikes, everything else. First off lore-wise why are we in the middle of nowhere killing random people? And no one even cares when we hurt the argent men. Also on the Black Knight boss, the horde and alliance leaders are doing nothing. Here is a huge fix to the last fight, as the Black Knight swoops in everyone leader jumps in attack mode, and then the black Knight raises undead from the ground and he sends it off to fight the leaders. Then the fight commences. Another fix for the fact no one cares we hurt men is two medics rush out to the central and heal up the men then bring them away, a minor fix. Something else is we killing random people, a fix for that could be we have broke into a defense into the Lich King and we are celebrating or something. Blizzard finally had me happy for a new 5-man but they could've made it much much more to it's potential. So the penguins will die. Until they do a better job.

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