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Friday, August 7, 2009

AV - guide to making experience. (xp at 75!)

Right off the bat if you want to make tons of xp in AV, your defense days are threw and done. This guide will teach you how to make between 50k xp (loss) to 100k xp (win) in AV (at 75).

First as the gate opens run up to the captain and do your worse. Should be quick 18k next (deadly boss mods very helpful) either keep track or check which of the first two towers were capped. Run to that one. Now wait till it burns. Should be another 18k xp

Then go to the next of the second towers and cap it or wait till it burns (if you cap keep waiting.) Then another 18k xp, If your defense hasn't broken into the main other side you are probably done now but if they have.

Check if they are going to kill the general if they are go to it quickly and 18k xp for you. If there not with deadly boss mods or instincts go to the next building controlled by you and wait for it to burn, 18k xp.

Check if they are going to kill the general now if they are go it, if they still aren't go to the last tower and wait for it to burn.

Then get ready to attack the general no matter what.

If you did all towers and general you've gotten roughly 100k xp (at 75)

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