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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RP feature?

I thought of something blizzard could make a major feature. A true RP feature. By this I mean a feature which would allow someone to choose what they want their past characters history to be. By this I mean blizzard to make a huge array of choices to align your characters RP history. These choices would be among over 20 choices for 100 options, huge amounts of options. All these might lead up to flavor abilities such as a past pirate would be able to turn a wheel. You would be able to turn this feature off in on. Also the choices might also lead off to flavor gear and maybe even flavor adventures! "Find your lich past in the deepest bowels of Icecrown. The possibilities are endless! It would defy classic MMORPG RP where players just have to set it up on their own and provide an vast array of new RP wonderfulness. People with flavor adventures and flavor adventures would be able to find people to help them do these adventures and it might lead up to another flavor adventure! This could put the RPG IN MMORPG BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! This might vastly improve the game whenever it gets dull and be a simple way to improve a game.

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