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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Class of the day/week : Paladin

-- Recent Changes: Big, big changes. Charger can be learned at 40. Warhorse at 20. Seal of Blood and Martyr = GONE.

Vengeance and Corruption now can only apply the debuff by hammer of righteous and auto attacks. All damaging abilities add more damage according a percentage of your weapon damage and a bit of holy damage (according to the debuff.) Then maxes out at 33% weapon damage (extra) with 5 applications. The debuff leads the damage to raise overtime. The holy damage deals double-damage crit strikes.

Holy -- Bit nerfed but not by much to take any notice.

Protection -- Argent DEFENDER YEAH BABY!!! now it gives you one +1 life. If you get hit with all three talents in it and it would kill you, your back to 30% health, this effect can only happen every two minutes (10% at 1 talent 20% at 2 talents.)

Retribution -- Art of War changed so only counts for melee crit hits but you can now pick whether you want your next instant spell to be a flash of light or Exorcism. So now this is a pvp choice between a heal or damaging spell, very interesting. Crusaders strike's CD is lowered to 4 seconds and now deals 75% weapon damage. This is a bit of a buff if you use the spell every time possible, before it was 100% damage in 6 seconds which makes a 16.66 damage every one second while with the new one, you get 18.75 damage per a second. Seal of Command buffed to make up for Blood and Martyr's removal.

Paladins are still at 24% most played class at sk gaming in arena with all specs pretty well balanced out.

Paladins are a pretty even class and too boring for me to write about but, prot pallys are going pretty well in PvE with the new buffs. But Retribution's dps is a bit to low in PvE

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