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Monday, August 10, 2009

Class of the week: Priest

Here is a new weekly column. This column will cover one class and any subject on them, this week we have a priest.

-- Recent Changes: Last patch there was a bit of a nerf to disc and something that made glyph of penance mediatory. +2 seconds to the cooldown to penance. This change effects both PvE and PvP. It seems from the naked eye that this change may not effect much but in those two seconds tanks get hit 20k and in PvP anything goes in those two seconds. If this seems to big of a nerf I would rather perfer blizzard to buff Pain Suppress rather then this again, Pain seems like a very interesting spell but a hot or something could add another interest to it.

In addition shadow got a bit of a buff with Dispersion, the cooldown was lowered to two minutes from three. In addition Improve Mind Blast got a buff with a minor MS (20%)

Lastly, Holy got a bit of a nerf with prayer of healing getting less healing for spell power. (80.7% to 52.6%)

In addition Light Well users say goodbye, Blizzard isn't looking into fixing it

Priests also have a good grasp in the SK-100 most played class, at third place with 11%.

Mana Efficiency - In shadow they cover the basics of Mana Efficiency while disc is still the king spec in Mana Efficiency because their heals are low because of the fact of low coast "heals" (more shields) Lastly, Holy is in trouble as their aoe specialization healing doesn't help Mana Efficiency nor does their nudge to use greater heal.

PvP - Still no survivability when in a stunlock or any stun unless your disc, holy and both shadow have no place in PvP with very little survivability and to long to set up heals.

Blizzard did a good job in nerfing holy priests in PvE as they had to much open space but they need to figure out how to buff shadow and holy in PvP that won't effect PvE I would recommend a new survivability spell which shares a cooldown with Pain Suppress.

Next week, a paladin! (Unless in a writing mood, then tomorrow!)

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