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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crazy world of warcraft players.

Today I modified my UI, to the beloved taeoui. I finally got it to work and I tinkered with it a bit. Then I got a whisper to join a group for H UK and I saw a wonderful opportunity to learn my UI. Then I landed a group with the mentally insane. These guys were strange as heck. The rouge was either being annoying or role playing a resto shammy. First off, I respect Role playing and enjoy it, but I stop when it gets too far into another class. Next the tank with 40k... well he was crazy. He charged everything and I am not not a hick! Now healers everywhere do you know hard it is to keep mana that way when your group pulls everything, each and everything in 5 seconds? I recommend to all healers find a group and run that and you'll develop mad man mana management. Okay I'll continue on. The elemental shammy probably tanked half of it! Now the most normal person was the warrior dps who would say pineapple every 5 minutes. Now I wonder, is there anyone really sane who plays world of warcraft? I just don't know anymore.

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