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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taeo UI view

Below I show two pictures of the Taeo UI. I tried it out today and here is my review.
First off the installation went off a bit messed up but it was from my own stupidity. Another problem is whenever I change my resolution my bars get all messed up and I have to reset it but there is no way to prevent that either. What I really like about the UI is its minimal impact on everything. Also sexymap's very nice look. One thing I'm against is pitbull because I prefer Blizzards own bars to that. But I like the use of bartender and Elk'sBuffBars to keep using this UI for a while. The last complaint is something I applauded before was bartender. I prefer Dominos because of its much more simple use. An very Interesting UI I hope to see it get better.
Addons Used:
!BugGrabber Bagnon Bartender BugSack ButtonFacade
Cartographer Chatter ClassTimer ElkBuffBars gdFont
Grid kgPanels OmniCC Postal Quartz SexyMap
SharedMedia SLDataText SLDT_Experince TaeoUI TipTac

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