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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flying vehicles?

As I gaze into the future of world of warcraft, I still wonder. What ever happened to flying vehicles? Now I'm not going to go into a huge nerd rage and scream at my readers. But what happened to them? It was going to take place in wintergrasp and be of epic level. But blizzard canceled this little project and I'm sitting in the dust. Why couldn't this take place? I wonder... But of that no more! More importantly how can Blizzard make up for this disappointment. I say, sea vehicles! What this would be would be one vehicle which would function just like a regular land vehicle, but this would need much more people to function. It would have utility roles which could provide buffs to the offensive lines and defensive lines. These people would control the direction of the ship and masts and such. While the offensive line would be controlling the guns and the charging of canons! While lastly the defensive line would be shielding all the graveyards so canons wouldn't blow it up and such. Also the defensive line would use guns to shot the canons midair and kill enemies which come on board. This could allow a whole battleground to be on a ship! The ships could take up to 40 people. The objective would be to take down all the utilities or sink the ship or lastly, destroy all the graveyards and kill the players. Also before people yell at me that'll ruin pvp I'll say this. The utility roles would have to also get some of the offensive line on the enemy ship. Whether this means a boardwalk, a harpoon or risker, canon cling. The offensive line on the enemy ship would try to kill canons and players in the process . This could revolution battleground forever. I'll call it, Cataclysm shipyard.

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