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Friday, August 7, 2009

Loot watch 5man

Trial of the champion a loot horde!
Edge of Ruin Pallys, dks and warriors get ready to fight over this one!
With freakin' 203.7 dps from a heroic mode trial you'd better roll high for this one.

Spectral Kris Brilliant item with a blue slot, perfect for any lock and mage
"Hey you forgot about s priests and elemental shammies." No I didn't... Heroic mode trial btw.

True-aim Long Rifle Nice slow with 141.5 dps, I smell a lot of hunter ninja
and a bunch of rouge and warriors /leave... Heroic trial

Peacekeeper Blade Perfecto tanking item, expertise might be a waste if you are already
maxed out but swap a few pieces of gear and you'll be fine or switch a few gems. Heroic trial

And thats it... wait i didnt do normal, check in later...

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